A pale, ghostly hand stretches forth from the wall, holding a bloody sword…

A one-eyed vagrant lurks in abandoned alleys, a hound of hell straining at the leash in his rough hands…

An angel appears over the Thames, arms lifted over the horizon of South London in a gesture of sorrow and compassion…

This is the world of Dresden Files set in a modern-day London. As London is a stewy swath of culture and history, so too are our adventures. Slowly, they are being drawn together by the hidden energies of the Nevernever. As evil rises and grows stronger, so too does these ethereal bands pulling our playing characters together.

Dr. John Carnahan, an historian and explore of antiquities, now in the servitude of an ancient blight, seeks to find a way to be free and save the life of his daughter. But for now, the power that is granted for his service, is quite remarkable, and possibly essential to his survival amid the rising supernatural world.

Baines, an orphan that has risen to great heights as an agent of the light tries to seek clues from his blurred past. The answers he seeks he fears will draw him further away from the simple life he so desires. But his need to know is stronger than the simple bliss of ignorance.

Deacon Guilbeau, like a crawdad out of water, is an elite trained Cajun swimming in a foreign world. His heritage is that of hunters and protectors. He has come to London on reassignment to find a shapeshifter, and free his cousin’s lost soul.

Miles O’Callaghan, a deserter of the White Council-Red Court War, is a free spirit trying to make his unique mark in life. Though his practices seem primitive, his gifts are powerful bringing balance back to the shifting world.

Garrett, a master thief, may seem like a black sheep, but his gifts and perspective are needed to ground the party. His unsavory connections into the underworld of London are all too helpful, when the night is crawling with things scarier than the Ripper.

Together these few will try to solve the case of the Lady’s Night, when several teenage girls have gone missing. The mortal authorities are thinking it is just a handful of runaways trying to break free from their uppity parents’ rule. But circles in the supernatural community feel there is something amiss.

Dresden Files: London

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